Gabriel R. Campos has been a teaching assistant with the Politecnico di Milano(Italy), Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) and the Université Joseph Fourier (France). 





Master Thesis


  • Stefano Baldan

Analysis and comparason of driver intent identification methods





  • Charlie Sjödin

(Currently with Volvo Cars)

  • Isabella Johansson

(Currently with AstaZero)

Intelligent transportation systems: A collision avoidance system incorporating probabilistic threat-assessment and decision-making protocols
  • Adam Runarsson

(Currently with Volvo Cars)

  • Fredrik Granum

(Currently with Volvo Cars)

Collision avoidance at intersections: A probabilistic threat-assessment and decision-making system for safety interventions




Undergraduate classes


  • Introduction to Electrical systems (Licence 1), with Nicolas Galopin
    • Fall 2009-2011
  • Automatic Control (Licence 3), with Antoine Girard, Sylvie Charbonnier
    • Spring 2009-2012


Graduate Classes


  • Model Predictive Control (Master 1), with Mazen Alamir
    • Spring 2009
  • Feedback control for SISO systems (Master 1), with Emmanuel Witrant
    • Spring 2009-2012
  • Robust Control (Master 2), with John J. Martinez Molina
    • Spring 2012