Automotive Safety: a Neural Network Approach for Lane Departure Detection


Authors:  J.Dahl, R. Jonsson, A. Kollmats, G. Rodrigues de Campos and J. Fredriksson 

Journal: IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, 2019

Abstract: Lane departures, where the vehicle leaves the lane due to driver inattention, drowsiness, or incorrect situation assessment, are one of the most serious accident and fatality prone scenarios. To further improve traffic safety, we are asking the question: How much can a neural network approach improve the reliability of lane departure predictions compared to traditional model-based methods? Our results show a relative improvement in reliability of 7% in terms of true positive rate and 22% reduction of the false positive rate with respect to a constant velocity model method. The key contributions of this work are the introduction of sparse sampling in the input data, a thorough comparison with a baseline solution, and the evaluation on real world driving data.

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